Monday, June 13, 2011

June 2011 Part 1

Larissa was upset that she hadn't lost a tooth yet and didn't even have a wiggly one. I wasn't worried even though she is almost done of Kindgarten because the Devoe children seem to be late to loose their baby teeth. I told her I would check her mouth for a loose teeth as I always offer to do when she is upset about it and OH MY!! I was so shocked at what I found! I big girl tooth half way in already behind her baby teeth. It is so crooked! She was just at the dentist a couple of weeks ago. I was very surprised the dentist never mentioned it to me. We showed Daddy and he first comment was 'oh man, how much are braces going to cost because I think we should start saving now!" I'm sure when her baby tooth is out of the way, her big tooth will slowly grow into the proper spot. She was so excited that she laid in bed for two hours wiggling the baby tooth in front of the big tooth. I'm sure it won't take her long to work it loose. When she woke up in the morning, her wiggly tooth was the first thing on her mind. She couldn't wait to get to school to tell her teacher and classmates about it. She's very anxious to get that first tooth fairy visit which looks like it will be in the very near future.

Daddy decided that it was time for Hudson to have his exersaucer. He started to put it together and it didn't take long before little Mr. Hudson was enjoying it. I really love that Jason reads instructions...I hear that's a rare quality in men :)
Hudson was very excited. He loved the bright farm animal toys. He didn't bounce or put the toys in his mouth but I'm sure it won't be long before he discovers those fun things. He loves to put weight on his legs and be upright so the exersaucer is just perfect for this.

It didn't take long before he had his fingers in his mouth, chewing away. When it's toys vs. fingers, fingers always win.
The garden has been planted! (June 12) It was a nice warm day. It's just too bad that the bugs were swarming. I've never seen mosquitoes so bad here. We usually only have to worry about mosquitoes at dawn and dusk. They were driving us crazy so we have been reading about making a natural garlic spray to repel them. I guess that will be next week's project. Larissa loved helping out in the garden. She insisted on planting most of the seeds herself. We let her plant all the larger seeds and the plants that were already sprouted. Daddy took care of the tiny seeds like the carrots.

This is what we planted this year:Strawberries (came up from last year)
Chives (came up from last year)
Cilantro (two plants plus seeds)
Sweet Basil
Yellow Beans
Green Beans
Green Onion
Swiss Chard
Pumpkin (our first year for this!)
Tomatoes (Tiny Tim, Sweet Baby Girl Cherry and Sweet Millions)
Birdhouse Gourd
Dwarf Sunflowers
Venus Looking Glass
Summer Daisies
(the last 4 items were seeds that Larissa had started indoors)

At church we celebrated Preston's 5th birthday with some yummy chocolate cupcakes. I think the kids were wearing more chocolate than made it into their bellies!

Larissa has been working very hard on her bicycle riding skills. Here she is showing of her 'new trick' that Keaton taught her which is riding while standing up. She is very proud of herself and we are so proud that she is working so hard to master bike riding.

Hudson is chewing and slobbering on his hands and fingers almost all the time. He's seems to be teething although there is no tooth in sight. It's probably going to be a couple more months before we see his little white chompers making an appearance.

Larissa & Mommy spent two evenings planting all the window boxes, patio planters and rain barrel. Larissa insisted on doing most of the work from filling the containers with soil, choosing which plants to put where and watering them afterwards. She was so proud of her green watering can that she picked out for herself at Walmart earlier this week. She gets the stool and goes to the sink in the back porch to fill it up. She spent many hours this week watering our plants and even the dandelions on the lawn.

Hudson came outside for a while to watch us do the planting but he was so tired (and grumpy) that he had to be put to bed for a nap. A baby monitor in the window was a great way to keep track of him while we finished up our outdoor work.
Our window boxes are going to be very full this year by the time all these plants get growing!

Hudson chilling out on the patio while we were planting the second day.

Hudson and Daddy getting in some cuddling time before bed one evening. Hudson loves to stand up with just a little help to balance him.

Overheard this week:

by Larissa: "ARE YOU SERIOUS !?!?!! "

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